The ROAD So Far

Greenwood Whiskey is a premium African American owned rye whiskey brand that symbolizes a celebration of community, success, entrepreneurship, & excellence. These attributes were pillars of the Historic Greenwood District neighborhood in Tulsa, Oklahoma – also known as, “Black Wall Street” that have inspired us to strive for greatness. By 1921 the community of Greenwood was home to 600 African American owned businesses; the largest concentration in the US during a time when African Americans didn’t have many rights or resources. Our brand is a celebration of “Black Wall Street” and the visionary entrepreneurs that came before us.

As four successful African American men that have created their own path, we acknowledge we owe a debt of gratitude to those before us that overcame insurmountable odds. In the effort to give back to the next generation, a portion of all proceeds will be donated to charities that provide educational resources for young, diverse entrepreneurs.


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